Pre-Order Beauty, Support Print: Equals

The Indiegogo campaign for Equals in Print has 4 days to go, and as an Editor At Large and Contributing Writer, I want to do everything I can to help reach the goal of funding this ad-free, inaugural publication. It is going to be incredibly beautiful, and if you’ve ever enjoyed anything I’ve written, you’re going to want a copy.


A sneak peek of Madeline Forbes’ piece about traveling through Morocco.

My writing will be in excellent company, with an exceptional cadre of women writers seeking to inspire thought, depth, and feeling. So, go to the Indiegogo page here and contribute. $25 will pre-order the book for you, which is a discounted rate. Anything more will get you a number of beautifully designed things, and will help us fund our publication fully.

My writing teacher, Ariel Gore, wrote a beautiful piece in the Huffington Post about why print matters, which you can read here.

Hopefully it will inspire you to support Equals in Print, and have a lovely tome to pore over whereever you may roam this summer.

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