Contributing to MUTHA Magazine

I’ve been a big fan of Michelle Tea’s for quite a while now, reading her memoirs, following her pieces on xoJane and The Bold Italic, and keeping up with her Lit Star efforts for Sister Spit and Radar. So when I heard from my friend Yelz that she was starting a publication all about mothering called MUTHA, I decided to muster up my courage and contact her about contributing.
She was gracious and open to my ideas for pieces, and last week, my first full one, That Hair, was published. Since the piece is about race, I expected a bit of backlash, as my experience has been that folks have a hard time responding to someone bringing up that multi-layered topic. Also, I’ve not had the best experience writing on sites where there is a vibrant comment section. The trolls come out to play.
However, I guess they were feeling well fed and stayed under their bridge last week, because besides the few stray people who tried to derail the discussion with distractions, the response to my article was astounding. Not only did many people resonate with what I shared, as members of interracial families themselves, but several people that I know personally said that the article helped them see some of their own ignorance and privilege. I was shocked that people were willing to out themselves in that way, and those folks won my deep respect.
The article is a call to more depth in my conversations about race, and to my pleasant surprise, several people in my social circle have brought up the article, and wanted to talk further about it, but also go beyond it to discuss the racial factors of our daily lives.
Since that is exactly what I wanted to have happen as a result of writing the piece, I am feeling really satisfied with the outcome.
Even though it was scary for me to share my truth (my stomach was in knots for several days), this time, it really worked out. I am grateful to Michelle Tea for creating a platform that I could use to share my experience, and for cultivating a community that were open to receiving it. I will definitely keep writing for MUTHA, and I’m going to strive to be as truthful as I can in my pieces. I have seen that it resonates, even when it is raw.

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