Wednesday Wrap-Up: MUTHA, Girl Body Pride, and Cinapse

My daughter only went back to preschool a few days ago, but Mama has been HUSTLING.

The first two days of this week saw my work on three different sites: one about parenting, one about body image, and the other a film/TV review site.  I’m really excited to have my work on such varied and interesting publications, all in the same week!

First, MUTHA Mag published their latest ASK A MUTHA column, and I hope Michelle Tea keeps asking me to contribute to this column, because it has been super fun each time.  My piece, about an epic tantrum my daughter threw in a bakery, is at the end of the column, but read it all – those mamas are funny, validating, and real:

ASK A MUTHA: Tantrums!

I had a laugh when several of the writers tweeted that their children LOVED the article and wanted their moms to read it out loud while they giggled, and requested to see the pics of themselves crying over and over.  Toddler solidarity!  They love their right to TANTRUM.

Second, the incredible Maggie Wells is the editrix extraordinaire at Girl Body Pride now, and the pieces she has published lately have been so thought-provoking and well written.  So when she asked if I would be willing to give her 700 words from my latest Operation Rad Bod post, I jumped at the chance to be a part of that wonderful website.  It’s something I really believe in, so I even sent her a rare make-up-free picture to post, in honor of the body acceptance cause.  See the pic, read the piece, and then peruse the site for more inspiration and information:

Operation Rad(ical) Bod

Finally, the film and TV review site that I contribute to, Cinapse, launched out of Beta last week, with a bunch of fun give-aways that you can still enter.  This week they published my review of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, which is a comparison piece between the memoir of the same name, and the first season of the TV series that is currently streaming on Netflix Watch Instantly.  It was kind of perfect to write this week, because I’m taking a memoir class online with the Lit Kitchen right now, so diving in to both versions of the same true-life story was just what I needed to do to deepen my understanding of storytelling.  If you’re a fan of the show and have been wondering how it stacks up to the book, question no further – I’ve done that work for you:

Books are the New TV: ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, a Comparison Piece

Thanks for reading!

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