Calling All Papas Who Write!

Call for Submissions:

One of the publications I write for, Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine, is changing the format of their popular Daditude column, and I am stepping in as Coordinating Editor of this column.  GGMG Mag is a print magazine that goes out to 4,500 mothers in the Bay Area.  This is a great opportunity for any father who wants to feature their writing or simply tell their story.

The father who has been writing the Daditude column each month is stepping down, and the staff decided a rotating cast of writers could be a fun way to bring variety to the magazine.  This means, I need your words!  The column is 700-800 words about fatherhood — simply telling a great story about your kid, or musings on what it means to be a dad in general.


1. Will the name of the column still be Daditude?

Probably not.  We’ll be brainstorming a new name in our monthly meetings, so feel free to put in some suggestions.  Papa Don’t Preach, perhaps?

2. Do I have to be a father to submit?

You have to be a self-identified father.  All permutations of Papa are welcome.  Step-dad, adoptive dad, sperm donor dad, godfather, trans-dad, baby daddy, stay-at-home-dad, biological dad — if you connect with the role of father and call it your own, we want to hear from you.

3. Will I be rich?  Will I be pretty?

Que Sera Sera, Papi.  GGMG Mag is a labor of love, a completely volunteer endeavor from Editor-in-Chief to contributing writer.  Much like parenting, the rewards will be many, but none monetary.

We want your photos, pretty or not.  Please submit one or two high-res pictures with your piece – fun shots with your child or something that highlights a feature of your piece would be perfect.

4. What should I write about?

Every GGMG Mag issue revolves around a theme, and we’d love to have the new Daditude column follow the monthly theme.  Ideas for the future: February’s theme is Love and Sex, March is Money/Budget and April is Nature for City Kids.  Since most of our readers are parents of children four and under, musings on parenting a baby or toddler will be particularly resonant for them.

5. When is it due?

Submit or pitch to me as soon as possible.  I’d like to at least know who is writing the column and a general idea of what they are writing about a month ahead of the deadline.  The deadline for completed pieces is the 1st of the month before, so the February column is due to the editors January 1st.

6. Fame!  Am I gonna live forever?

We’ll ask you for a short bio to run with your post.  Feel free to include your daddy blog or personal website in the bio, so folks can learn more about you if you so choose.   Right now, the magazine is only in print form, but there are plans in the works to put it online in the future, and as we all know, the internet is forever.

If you still have questions, big or small, feel free to send me an email, or just get writing and send me your essay!  rheabette (at) gmail (dot) com

Happy writing!

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