Collaborative Pieces Are Where It’s At, As a Working Writer

In the past months I’ve been copywriting up a storm, so I haven’t spent as much time on getting longer pieces published. However, I’ve kept my online writing presence alive by participating in collaborative pieces like the TWO CENTS column on Cinapse, a list of tips about how to be a Hip Mama on Refinery 29, and movie reviews, like the one I wrote about the film HER.

Starting next week, I’ll be recapping/reviewing each episode of HBO’s GIRLS, as a collaborative “He said/She said” piece with my fellow Cinapse writer, Victor.  And of course I’m still blogging, and writing in print for GGMG Mag.

Writing: It's better when we work together.

Writing: It’s better when we work together.

I’m grateful for these ways to dip in and stay current, while I figure out the balance of writing as a career with writing as my way of life, and creative wellspring. As 2014 gets underway, I find myself so grateful for writing. I really didn’t let myself write until I was a 30 year old mother, but I’m so glad it was there waiting for me, all along.

4 Comments on “Collaborative Pieces Are Where It’s At, As a Working Writer”

  1. I love the line that writing “was waiting there for me, all along.” Kudos on balancing such a fool schedule. I think your muse is there waiting for when you have time to write your memoir or more articles or whatever words are brewing inside of you. Thanks for reminding me that we can’t do it all at once, and that collaborative writing offers a nice balance when the writing that pays the bills takes top priority.

    • Thank you for the encouragement and kind feedback! I hope to see you in the Kitchen soon – I’m taking the next Lit Star class, maybe we’ll be writing together there…

  2. Hey Sugar- i am so proud of you. AND I love that you finally have your website as your own! wooohooo!
    (this is new, right? i am not super late?)

    • Thanks for the kudos, Lady! I am proud of your amazing work, too. But yeah, I’ve had this site for over a year – it’s my “I am a professional writer” site, separate from the bloggity blog.

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