Like many children of the 80’s & 90’s who had two full-time working parents, the television was sometimes my babysitter. We didn’t have cable, so pickings were slim, but my G-ma had it, and when we’d go to visit her on Sundays, I wanted my MTV, knaaamean?


My true love was reading, so I never thought much of my television watching, and certainly did not picture myself making any kind of living from it one day. But here I am, decades later, recapping and reviewing TV shows professionally.

As a person who didn’t own a television for a good part of her adulthood, and only lets her daughter watch it when she’s sick or on weekend mornings, I’m not making a case for constant ingestion of media. However, I find the trend of people thinking deeply about what messages are sent through the TV shows our culture is obsessed with and writing about them meaningful. Plus I’m having a good time with it, engaging with what I’m watching in a new way.

happy girls

Doing weekly GIRLS recaps with my co-writer Victor has been a joy. We ask each other questions, feed off of each other’s responses, and basically have a blast with a show that gives us a lot to work with, every week.

This week I debuted as a contributing writer on The Bold Italic with a reality check of the San Francisco-set NBC show About a Boy. I have a wonderful editor at TBI, who pushed me to take a strong opinion, which was a great challenge for me. I adore this website, and I’m really excited to write more for them.

about a boy

The only scene of the show I truly enjoyed. I’m a sucker for a bad sweater talent show act.

I did not have a problem taking a strong stance on this week’s Two Cents column on Cinapse, since I had an intense hatred for the film we covered, Primer. It’s rare that I ever come down that hard on a piece of someone’s art, but this one really got under my skin with its inaccessibility, and how it felt like a good story poorly told. I’m looking forward to covering Groundhog’s Day next week – it’ll be a palate cleanser for sure.

What are your favorite movie/TV think pieces you’ve read this week? I’m particularly looking for some insight on Season 2 of House of Cards, which I just finished last night. Even though I knew where they were going with the story, I still got chills once they got there.

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