I Love It When You Call Me Feminist Papa

Most of my writing is about parenthood, and I’ve had success with publications that are particularly about mothering: MUTHA, Literary Mama, and (in an upcoming issue) Hip Mama. However, lately I’ve had some opportunities to rep the proud papas in the parenting community, and I wanted to round that all up here.

This Feminist Father’s Day piece by Tomas Moniz, Chris Crass, and the Rad Dad team is an inspiring way to start delving into the world of feminist fatherhood. I have a deeply personal piece in the newest issue of Rad Dad, so ask for it at your nearest independent bookstore, or buy it here.


Papa Joel getting his nails did.

Papa Joel getting his nails did.


I’m blessed to be married to a man who is a feminist father for our daughter. In addition to being a good sport about the occasional manicure and royal tea party, he also teaches her how to do push ups, kick a soccer ball, and make up her own songs. It’s a thrilling, validating thing to watch.

I’m not sure if my own father would have called himself a feminist, but he was a very empowering dad. Here’s a piece I wrote for Cinapse about how he brought me to indie and foreign films, remembering in particular the time we went to Cinema City to see The City of Lost Children.

I mean, dads can be cool too, right?

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