The Fame Monster Makes For Fun Writing

Personal essays are kind of my jam, but lately I’ve been taking a break from them, and writing more about other people’s lives. I’ve learned some fascinating things, and hope I continue to get the chance to write about people who live big. I just finished reading Caitlin Moran‘s Moranthology, and oh my gerwd I want her career. She had a long standing column with the UK Guardian, interviewed rock stars (Lady Gaga, Keith Richards, and Paul McCartney all make it into the book) and then went on to write an amazing creative non-fiction book about feminism, How to Be a Woman. She has a novel coming out soon, and I’m sure it’s going to be infused with her brilliant wit and rhythm.

This lady. Living writing icon.

This lady. Living writing icon.

Anyway, I got to do a little Moran-style work this past summer, when I researched and compiled a list of Famous San Franciscans, and interviewed JD Samson around Pride, both for The Bold Italic. Since we have sadly lost our most beloved Bay Area star this week, Robin Williams, it feels fitting to post about these pieces, as a reminder that celebrities exist as archetypes in our culture. So, check out those pieces and stay tuned for more writing that is not Rhea-focused – now that I’ve got the spotlight off of my own life, I’m not itching to regain it anytime soon!

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