Ten Reasons You Need This: Working Mothers Support Group

The Working Mothers Support Group that I am starting at Natural Resources starts one week from today.
You need this group if:
1. You are struggling to find a work-life balance that makes sense to you within the context of mothering.
2. You miss your child like a phantom limb when you are at work.
3. Conversely, sometimes you don’t miss your child when you are at work, and you feel guilty about that.
4. You have ever felt a tension between your mom friends who work outside the home and your mom friends who are SAHMs.
5. Your partner doesn’t really get what’s so different about being a working mom, and you need to vent. Or, you don’t have a partner, and you need support. Or, your partner is a fellow mom and she’s tired of hearing about it!
6. You think I’m cool and you are interested to see how I would lead such a group (okay this isn’t so much a need, but it is a valid reason to come).
7. You are heading back to work from maternity leave and you are nervous about the transition.
8. You are navigating a new work situation after taking a hiatus to focus on parenting.
9. You just need to be around other working moms, in a judgment-free zone.
10. You need to explore your feelings about being a working mom, because you don’t even know what they are!
We will do arts interventions to help us express the normal issues that arise with being a working mother, and to connect us to each other to form the supportive network that is sorely lacking in our culture.
No need to be a Supermom all the time. Come get the help you need to feel wonder-ful again.

No need to be a Supermom all the time. Come get the help you need to feel wonder-ful again.

Please join me, and spread the word to your friends who might benefit from such a group!
This group starts Saturday October 4th, from 10-11:30am. If you miss that one, the next meeting will be Monday October 20th, from 6-7:30pm. We will continue in that fashion, meeting the first Saturday morning and the third Monday evening of each month.
Sign up info is here. The class is Drop-In friendly but it could fill up, and you get a better deal if you buy a class pass.
Finally, my Toddler Movement class starts this coming Wednesday at 11am! Come bop out with me and your kiddos!
See you soon,


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