Let’s Get Metaphysical

Tarot Readings by Rhea

Reading Tarot at Rare Device's Valentine's Day Trunk Show, 2014

Reading Tarot at Rare Device’s Valentine’s Day Trunk Show, 2014

Tarot reading is a form of divination, in which symbols are used to tap into your intuition and find guidance for your life. It is fun, intriguing, and surprisingly accurate. The best part of the reading is reaching that moment of illumination.

I provide Tarot card readings on a personal, couple, or group basis. I am available for one-on-one readings, or to have a table at an event.

Table set up for readings at an event.

Table set up for readings at an event.

Past events I have read at are: New Year’s parties, birthday parties, Art Shows, Trunk Shows, and Auction Fundraisers.  I am available either to be hired at a flat rate by the event host, or to accept payment from each person, on a donation basis.

Tarot readings are perfect for any time you want a little extra information about your life, or a new perspective: around the time of your birthday, before a big change like a new job or a graduation, or simply any time you are confused about the next step to take.

A couple getting a relationship reading at an in-store event.

A couple getting a relationship reading at an in-store event.

Contact me at rheabette (at) gmail (dot) com to set up a private reading, or to have me read at your next event.


“Rhea is an extremely trustworthy person. She is clear and careful with language. Rhea is straightforward, but gentle. All of these things make her a really good choice for a Tarot reader. Getting a reading can be such an intimate experience, so I have always been grateful for the level of trust I have with Rhea. Her creative nature gives her a unique ability to see and be open to the many possibilities and messages being communicated through the cards. I truly believe she takes the privilege of being allowed to see into one’s life in this way very seriously – and because of that she has both laughed and cried with me through readings in past years. Our shared emotional experience has been the dearest part to me.” ~ Sydney

“Rhea gives fantastic readings that are so much more than just Tarot.  She really understands people, which allows her to craft her message in a way that makes sense to the person getting the reading.  My favorite thing about her style though is how awesomely she merges everyday life with spiritual/psychological ways of seeing the world.  She’s totally grounded, has a great sense of humor, and really understands the complexities of change, relationships, creativity, etc.  I highly recommend Rhea for literally anything you’re struggling with!” ~ Nick

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