Everyone’s A Critic

My newest gig is writing film and television reviews for Cinapse, a website based out of Austin, TX.

I got my feet wet writing a snappy editorial review of The Internship, a comedy that seemed much more like a recruitment video.

Then I wrote a full theatrical review of Sofia Coppola’s new film, The Bling Ring, which begs the question: should an artistic retelling of real events provide meaning?

I’m looking forward to where writing for Cinapse will take me next.

Pre-Order Beauty, Support Print: Equals

The Indiegogo campaign for Equals in Print has 4 days to go, and as an Editor At Large and Contributing Writer, I want to do everything I can to help reach the goal of funding this ad-free, inaugural publication. It is going to be incredibly beautiful, and if you’ve ever enjoyed anything I’ve written, you’re going to want a copy.


A sneak peek of Madeline Forbes’ piece about traveling through Morocco.

My writing will be in excellent company, with an exceptional cadre of women writers seeking to inspire thought, depth, and feeling. So, go to the Indiegogo page here and contribute. $25 will pre-order the book for you, which is a discounted rate. Anything more will get you a number of beautifully designed things, and will help us fund our publication fully.

My writing teacher, Ariel Gore, wrote a beautiful piece in the Huffington Post about why print matters, which you can read here.

Hopefully it will inspire you to support Equals in Print, and have a lovely tome to pore over whereever you may roam this summer.

My First Anthology: The Mom Egg

After a hot morning at the Ferry Building, watching the boats come and go with my rowdy two year old, Blue Bottle iced coffee in hand, I was glad to return home to find this in my mailbox:


The Mom Egg is a cutting-edge literary journal made up of pieces about motherhood, and one of mine was accepted into the latest issue!  It was quite thrilling to see my name on the Table of Contents:

table of contents

My piece is dark, and I didn’t know how it would fit in with the rest of the anthology.  I started reading it during my daughter’s nap time, and found that other parent-writers had chosen to weave in the dark with the light, the magic with the mundane, in their pieces as well.

It’s nice to be in good company.  You can buy a copy of this anthology here: The Mom Egg.  It would make a meaningful Mother’s Day gift for yourself, or the mother in your life.


The Magic of Print

One of the best parts of my day yesterday was being handed this beautiful special preview edition of The Equals Record in print form, which featured several of my pieces:

Issue 1

I spent my daughter’s nap time poring over it, even if they were essays I’d read in online form, as everything is somehow more real when you hold it in your hands.

I am so excited about the forthcoming print publication that The Equals Record is creating.  If you’d like to donate to make that a quicker reality, so that you too can have a lovely paper-and-ink small book of carefully curated art and writing, please do so on their site, either by contributing once or subscribing.  Their commitment to remaining ad-free is truly refreshing, and I hope everyone will support it, as you will be benefitting writers like me!

My 1st Feature for GGMG Mag: That’s What Friends Are For

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, a day in which children everywhere will be doling out little pieces of paper touting their affection to their friends, comes my article called That’s What Friends Are For: The Importance of Toddler Friendships in the Golden Gate Mothers Group Magazine.  It’s my first feature for the magazine, whose staff I joined in November.  You can only read it if you are one of the 4,500 women in the group, but here’s a sneak peek:




Photos from the piece are by the amazingly talented Teresa O’Brien.  You can see more photos from the shoot in all their sweetness on her site.

If you’re interested in joining GGMG so you can read articles like mine in the future, check out the website: http://www.ggmg.org/

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Quitting Vogue Strikes a Chord

The Equals Record liked my post on Quitting Vogue so much that they picked it up!  Head on over to their site to see it and join the conversation: http://equals.youplusme.com/so-long-vogue-2/

First Foray into Formal Book Reviews

The Equals Record asked me to guest write their What Are You Reading (Offline, That Is)? column, and I chose two books, one which I loved, and one which I loathed.  To find out which one got the green light and which the kibosh, read my piece: http://equals.youplusme.com/what-are-you-reading-offline-that-is-22/ and let me know in the comments if you agree!

My piece on The Equals Record

I wrote a piece full of angsty 12 year old longing, and the lovely folks at The Equals Record published it today!

Read on: Grunge and the Goddess Girl on The Equals Record.

If You Want to Listen To This Mother

Performing in Listen To Your Mother San Francisco was an invitation to share my own piece of the story of motherhood.  The videos from that night are live, so now you can watch me reading Falling Face First Into Humble Pie, which is the 4th video in the playlist:

I loved all the pieces in the show, so click through to hear the other amazing women who read that night!

My writing is in Issue 27 of Geez Magazine!

It is a very gratifying thing to get a magazine in the mail that has your own byline in it:


If you’d like to check out the article, you can purchase a copy of the issue, whose theme is Stereotypes, here: http://www.geezmagazine.org/magazine/issue/issue-27/