My piece about Radical Body Acceptance was featured on OmBirth

The lovely doulas and midwives at OmBirth featured my piece on Radical Body Acceptance – check out my stint as guest blogger there:

Radio Star Revival

I’m going to be on KQED’s Perspectives tomorrow! Listen in on KQED Public Radio 88.5 at 6:06am, 7:35am and 11:30pm and again on Sunday at 8:37am.  It’s a 2 minute original piece called “Land of Summer Camp Stars”.  If you missed it, here is the link to listen along:

Adventures in Wordcrafting

Welcome to my new personal website, where I’ll be updating about all my creative endeavors.  If you are looking to hire a freelance writer, professional blogger, or media specialist, and want to learn a little more about me beforehand, you’ve come to the right place!  I will be updating regularly about my current projects.  I hope one of them will be for you!