The Fame Monster Makes For Fun Writing

Personal essays are kind of my jam, but lately I’ve been taking a break from them, and writing more about other people’s lives. I’ve learned some fascinating things, and hope I continue to get the chance to write about people who live big. I just finished reading Caitlin Moran‘s Moranthology, and oh my gerwd I […]

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A while back, Sandra of Happy French Gang hired me to create some slogans for Dolores Beach and San Francisco that she could put on her chic French-Californian organic cotton blankets and bags. Well, the eco-friendly totes are in, and they are the only bags you’ll need for all the picnicking we’ll be doing here […]

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Extremely Dorky Proof That I am a “Cool Mom”

Last year, I did a phone interview with a travel guide writer, as apparently I am a “cool parent” in San Francisco. I’m pretty sure that phrase is an oxy moron, but the man was quite pleasant and I was happy to get the word out about Seesaw, the center for children’s wellness where I […]

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