99 Problems But Here Are Just 10

There are a lot of deep, heavy issues with raising kids in San Francisco, and in the Bay Area at large. It’s expensive to live here, the culture is not very kid-friendly, and the public school system needs a lot of support. In the midst of all of that, sometimes it’s a good idea to […]

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Is it a test?! No, it’s a quiz!

If you’re wondering, “Am I ready to have kids?”, my quiz on that very question is up on The Bold Italic today. Quiz: So You Think You’re Ready For Kids? It is tongue-in-cheek and very San Francisco-centric, but, as have been hearing back from folks who have taken it, also creepily accurate! As a follow-up […]

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Writing About Race

My first feature article on The Bold Italic, Your Curiosity About My Bi-Racial Child Isn’t Cute, went live yesterday, and it got a huge response. I was pretty nervous about it, since the piece is about strangers’ ignorant responses to my interracial family, and here I was, putting our personal experiences out into the world […]

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